May 15 – 20 chainsaw and bike trail work continues.

The “chainsaw gang” has quite a few good workers coming now, but we can still use more.  Last week we cleaned up several acres of burned forest west of I don’t Care, and work continues there this week.  Call Brian Foley 665-1970 work, 948-6863 cell if you have questions.  Or write to we start at 5:10 Tuesday nights at the maintenance shop to get the saws ready.  We can use people to move logs and brush, if you are not excited about running a saw.  We place the logs across the slope to prevent erosion in the burned area.
Neal Pederson and his bike trails crew are doing more Pajarito bike trail work Wednesday night (5/16). We plan to shuttle up and rake down Aspen-for-Trouble/JR/Air Raid/Battle Stations and could really use some help!

We’ll meet in the parking lot below the lodge at 5:30pm and drive up but make sure you contact me first in case any plans change (662-1461,


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